3 min readJan 14, 2022

The future of adult entertainment with iBabe Platform

All over the world, there are many projects meant to improve adult entertainment industry, especially in crypto space. iBabe is one of them. Why are we different? Well, it’s quite simple.

iBabe was build by some very different people, but in all the areas they were and are experienced, there was a need of ongoing improvement and developement. We have in our team desingners and web desiners, that must be very creative, marketing managers in tech, that must keep up with what people want and how to make them interested in it, crypto investors and developers that know what works and what doesn’t in this space and adult entertainers and producers, that know how to keep people engaged with the models and with the platforms.

How do iBabe team sees the adult entertainment future? Well, a lot more different than it’s now. How? Let us tell you what we are doing now and what we are hoping to reach in the future (our wildest dreams).
We are now building a platform where anyone can cam, socialize or live their desires together with our entertainers. Everyone can become an entertainer and everyone can become a client. You choose. We’ll use on this platform as currency iBabe Token, a token that we are trying to make it representative for adult entertainment in crypto. Those will be our first steps. To show our appreciation for the early people that are trusting us, we will also mint some series od NFT’s, some of them having a lot of benefits behind them (the benefits will be a surprise). You can win one or you can buy one, depending on your luck.

Also, we aim on reaching the biggest exchances and we promise to make our best to achieve this. This platform and currency is meant to be helpfull for investors, but also for normal people that just want to have fun and, of course, for the onest hat are choosing to become their own bosses and be adult entertainers.

What is next? Well, you probably heard of Metaverse, the virtual world that everyone is talking about. We aim also to bring iBabe in that space. How? Using 3D cameras, 360 degrees ones and A LOT of the newest technology, the platform consumers will be able to feel like they are in the same room with the models.

These are just a few steps that we aim to do THIS VERY YEAR. After that, of course that we will continue to improve everyones experiences, as well as for models, in order to make them feel as comfortable as possible working with us, as for the platform consumers, taking care of their best experience and pleasure and last, but not least, to our investors, making sure that we will do everything in our power to become present on all the blockchains and exchances.

How about you? How do you see the future of adult entertainment? Join us on Telegram at https://t.me/iBabeCommunity or on our website https://ibabe.io and share with us your thoughts about this and maybe you will see them coming to life.

The whole team and the models are excited to meet you!


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